Lodz CityBreak #1 – Touch the Balutas

The “Lodz Citybreak #1” guide is a unique compendium of knowledge that will guide you through 16 of the most important places in Lodz, along Lodz Street. Piotrkowska – in the direction to the north. It was created with passion by local guides who made sure you could discover the true soul of the city. It is a unique combination of local knowledge and a modern approach to sightseeing.
The app, thanks to GPS, guides you along a designated route from one place to another. We’ll take care of the navigation!
The duration of the walk is approx. 3 hours.

Original price was: 50,00 zł.Current price is: 30,00 zł. z VAT

Number of people

1 to 5 people


up to 3 hours


Polish, English, German, Ukrainian, Russian

Slawek Macias

Slawek Macias is a true ambassador of Lodz, full of passion for discovering the fascinating history of this city. With him you can discover the forgotten corners of Lodz, feel its unique atmosphere and understand what makes it so special. Always full of enthusiasm and positive energy, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge of the city’s history. Slawek is able to interest everyone not only in the most famous sights, but also in places that may seem inconspicuous at first glance. His stories about Lodz are full of interesting facts and anecdotes that add to the charm of these, often unremarkable, places.


Illusion Cinema

City Hall of Lodz

The place where Pilsudski lived

IV High School

Municipal Credit Society in Lodz

Parking lot in front of Biderman's Palace / Lodz Breweries.

Eye of the herring

Old Market

Intersection of the former Stodolniana Street with Lutomierska Street and Wesola Street

Piast Square

Poznański Palace

Frederick Sellin Grand Theatre

Freedom Square

Passage of Roses

Cinema Biographer

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