Jewish Cemetery in Lodz Joanna Podolska

Discover the secrets of the past

This tour is not only a tourist guide to one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in the world, but also a reliable source of knowledge about the history of Polish Jews, and a journey into the past that will allow you to trace with us what changes have taken place and are still taking place in the area of the Lodz necropolis. We designed the route along the historic matzevot based on the suggestions and knowledge of Joanna Podolska – a recognized researcher, journalist and expert on Jewish issues after 1939, as well as Holocaust memory and post-memory – to whom we are indebted for the substantive design of the project, and who provided each representative part of the cemetery, selected by her, with an authorial commentary.

Multimedia and navigation

Thanks to the multimedia included in the application’s interface, you will have the opportunity to listen and observe what secrets this place hides. However, we do not stop there. The tracker, with the help of a GPS navigation system, will set a path to all the points included in our program so that you can easily reach the sacred architectural objects discussed by Joanna Podolskaya.
The Jewish cemetery is a space filled with nostalgia, magnetizing with its beauty, a clash between the old and the new, and attracting crowds of tourists every year eager to learn its secrets. With the Tracker, this trek is simpler, but no less fascinating. We encourage you to embark on this journey with us. There is a fee to access the guide, priced at $13.99.

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Contents of the guide

  • Main entrance gate
  • Pre-burial house
  • Monument to the victims of the Lodz ghetto
  • Cholera quarters
  • Rabbi Majzel’s Tomb
  • Wall of memorial plaques
  • Tomb of Bronislawa “Rotsztatowna” Srebrnogórowa
  • Solomon Szyk’s Tomb
  • Monument to Herman and Mina Konstadt
  • Mausoleum of Israel Poznanski
  • Grave of the Blind Max
  • Dawid Sierakowiak’s grave
  • Women’s quarters
  • Unusual contrasts
  • Tomb of Berta and Joseph Abov
  • Tomb of Teresa and Markus Silberstein
  • Broken tree
  • Ghetto field

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