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Discover the world like never before! Created by local enthusiasts and enriched with multimedia, anecdotes and archives, our guides will take you on an unforgettable journey. With us, every moment will become a unique experience!

See what we have prepared for you!

Discover again

Field or city games are a rediscovered play. This time they evolved from simple games and puzzles using a piece of paper into a thoroughly multimedia entertainment. The way to the next place is no longer indicated by an arrow arranged from twigs or written in chalk, but by a cell phone. Hidden papers have been replaced by an app.
StoryTale app.

Off-road/urban games

Recall how you used to play scavenger hunts. Follow a hidden trail in the urban jungle and face puzzles and tasks in interesting places.

History walks

Look around you. History surrounds us. Discover it on our specially designed walks. Our guides and curators have spent long hours to prepare special walks for you.

Learning through play

Learn about culture, art, literature by traversing our educational paths prepared to present information in an interesting way. It’s time to move from the classrooms to the fresh air.

How to use the StoryTale?

All available games, walks and guides can be found in the Catalog in the StoryTale app. Just choose an interesting scenario from the list and start following the prepared path. In addition, you may come across our QR codes in interesting places, which will move you right into the fun. What will you find inside?

  • With the help of your phone we will check if you are in the right place.
  • We will display the prepared information.
  • We will tell stories, show video footage.
  • You will find additional photos, sketches.
  • We will invite you to play, solve puzzles and perform tasks.
  • We will point the way to the next place.

You don’t worry about anything. Have a good time.
You collect points!

Join us!

You are just one step away from joining the Trackers. Download Storytale on your phone and start your adventure with us. We promise, you will not be disappointed. We work with passionate people who, when creating routes, would like to use them themselves and take friends and family on an expedition.

Join us! Start the exciting fun with us. Download the apps to your Android or iOS phone.

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