Alle Muralle!

Discover Lodz as a true museum of murals with our unique guide. This unique curatorial tour, led by Teresa Latuszewska-Syrda, head of the Urban Forms Foundation, will take you into the world of street art, where murals become living pages of the city’s history.

On this tour you will see with your own eyes not only the impressive murals, but thanks to the rich multimedia in the app you will also learn the stories of their creation, interviews with artists and archival photos and videos. This is a true immersion into the creative soul of Lodz, a city that has made street art an integral part of its identity.

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up to 3 hours


Polish, English

Teresa Latuszewska-Syrda

Teresa Latuszewska-Syrda is a graduate of Polish philology at the University of Lodz and was involved in theater for many years. However, her real passion is street art, which translated into her activity in the Outline Street Art Support Foundation, later renamed the Urban Forms Foundation. She was the one who created and organized the graffiti festival titled “The Graffiti Festival. Outline Colour Festival in 2008.

As president of the Urban Forms Foundation, she is pursuing ambitious projects involving the creation of large-format murals on the walls of Lodz tenements. Since 2010, she has been running Urban Forms Gallery, an expression of her love of street art.


Bordalo II - Swifts (Apus Apus) - virtual tour

Aryz & Os Gemeos - Untitled.


Eduardo Kobra - Rubinstein


AWER - 'Anatomy of happy moments'.

Viktor Puzin - Extreme volume

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